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Oonagh Gaff

Psychodynamic Counsellor

Oonagh is a qualified psychodynamic counsellor and is a member of the British Assocation for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

Psychodynamic counselling helps you understand how your current feelings and behaviour are

shaped by your past experiences and your unconscious mind and impulses. This approach helps you get to the root of a problem and create longer lasting change. It pays attention to things in our unconscious that may be keeping us stuck. The work of psychodynamic counselling helps you look at those patterns – bring them to the surface and understand them. Psychodynamic counselling can help with many different problems including anxiety, depression, grief and loss. Sometimes you might not have a name for it – but just a sense that things are not quite right, that you feel isolated or unfulfilled.

Oonagh will work with you to help you understand how the “there and then” is showing up in the

“here and now” of your life, helping you work through unhelpful blocks.

Oonagh Gaff
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