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Penny Vlachou (She/Her), NutrEat



Penny is a qualified and experienced Dietitian (registered with the Health and Care Professions Council), who holds an MSC in Human Nutrition and a PG Cert in Eating Disorders. She has additional training in counselling skills and psychological techniques to support clients with behavioural changes.  As an HCPC registered Dietitian, Penny will only offer safe and evidence-based advice.  Read more about what a dietitian does:


We are all born with good intuition around food, however our life experiences, our environment, and all the conflicting advice from the media, can mean that we lose touch with this. Learning what your 'nutritional balance' looks like and how to incorporate it in your life will put you back in control of your choices. How we nourish our bodies has a significant impact on our immediate and long-term health.  Penny can empower you to embrace a way of living that is both healthy and enjoyable. 


Penny has extensive experience in a range of clinical areas. She can offer dietary and lifestyle input for: 

·       Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating 

·       Weight loss and management 

·       Women’s health: Fertility, Pregnancy, PCOS, Menopause 

·       Nutrition for sports and exercise, RED-s (relative energy deficiency at sport) 

·       Eating well under a busy lifestyle 

·       Prevention and Management of Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome etc. 

·       And much more: Plant-based diet, chronic fatigue, low energy levels, IBS etc. 


As every person has different needs, your nutrition goals will be built around your lifestyle and routine so that they are realistic and sustainable. Penny incorporates intuitive and mindful eating tips in her overall compassionate approach, which can be particularly helpful for individuals who want to address emotional eating or feel ‘trapped’ in unhealthy dieting cycles and want to learn to trust their body again. It is important to be able to enjoy a nice dessert or sip a glass of wine with friends without feeling guilty. 


Penny Vlachou (She/Her), NutrEat
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